Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Pudding Song - This Is How We Do It

Hi Everybody! Long time no ethereally communicate through cyber space. It's been super busy in Nina Land lately, but I wanted to share with you a little ditty I came up with while making pudding for the Bear with the pulled tooth. It's to the tune of Montell Jordan's "This Is How We Do It." Mostly because I have a tendency to randomly yell "THIS IS HOW WE DOOO IIIT," while cooking. In the event that I can't get this out of my head for several days, be prepared for a performance!

You don't have to chew it!
(You don't have to chew it)

You don't have to chew it,
it's pudding night,
and some chocolate's right.
The pudding's here, it's the best kind.

So I reach for my box and then I mix it up,
Masticated pudding is the key to my truck.
Pudding's good so don't hate it.
It's creamy and it's thick cause you know this shorty made it.

It's tastes so good in my hood tonight.
So fill up your cup, lift your spoon up,
and let me hear Bill Cosby say...

Got a sugar buzz and it's all because,
(You don't have to chew it!)
I scarfed that pudding like nobody does!
(You don't have to chew it!)
To all my neighbors bright different flavors,
(You don't have to chew it!)
let's flip the snack,
bright the old school back.