Monday, July 18, 2011

Bedroom Inspiration

It's been awhile. I'm an old married lady now, and as such fill my days with frivolity such as room design. Actually working full time, and working on your new house in whatever free hours you have just makes you long for such things. I'm a busy little bee, who sometimes feels like she's losing her honey lately. (Honey is clearly a metaphor here for sanity. Have you ever seen a bee lose their honey? They pretty much freak their shit.)

So I wanted to share with you, world, the room design inspiration for my homey home.

Dark glamour indeed. You can get busy in that room like it's a mofoin Burger King bathroom... or not. That's really up to you. It actually reminds me of Naked Lunch, but much less insane. I want to live in there. So far the walls are painted. Finding curtains even close to those is proving challenging. The bedding should be easy and accessories are always fun so no problem there. I want to add something mirrored like the dresser there, and that ceiling is goign to have to translate to something else because I am not up to receilingafication at the moment. What do you think?