Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Weddings: 99 Problems But A Dress Ain't One

Planning a wedding sucks, and not in the implied intercourse tween-porn way either. I mean it's probably super fun for fancy ladies with rich Fiancées from France who drink Perrier and laugh at us unwashed masses yearning to have a modest but exciting wedding of our very own, but I'm really not sure who else.

I only know it hasn't really been all that euphoric for me, yet. The first time we tried to do it, we ended up having to cancel it twice. A few years and a parent's wedding go by and all of a sudden it becomes imperative again. Sure it seems fun at first, talking, planning, getting hopes up about the joy that will be involved in making the happy visions in your head become a reality. But the minute the calculator comes out, the faces drop. "OH WOE IS US! We are but mere earthly mortals who apparently are not good enough to bath in the gold leafed bath houses of the Gods!" In less insane terms, you find out that you have to be fraking rich to get married anywhere that is already set up for you to actually have a wedding at.

Sure, we could all of a sudden become DIY warriors with enough creativity, free-time, and ability to work together to accomplish something worthy of a hipster wedding blog, on a budget, but things aren't looking that was at this particular moment.

I believe we're going to have to be happy with what is known as the low end. Yes, those all inclusive packages do make the most sense financially, and at this point I don't really have the luxury of sticking my nose up at the place with plastic cups and stained ceilings, you know what I'm saying?

I just want to this process to become as easy as possible soon, because I'm not really sure how you make it out alive otherwise. Suggestions are welcome!

Though, you probably won't be surprised to find out this whole thing has not dissuaded me from wanting this dress in the least.