Friday, June 20, 2014

Kitchenaid Makeover

My husband has been itching to do this project for quite awhile. He was extremely pleased with himself when he got around to it. I can't say it's not immensely cool.

Here is the before:

As you can see this guy had seen better days. Little Kitchenaidy was a gift from my parents and after using him myself for years, he really needed some work done. The process was pretty much just removing all the pieces that you could, in fact remove, and taping off anything you didn't want to be super blue(or whatever color your choose). A can of Rustoleum from Home Depot later, and this littlebaby has a brand new life on our newly redone counter.


I can't believe how pretty he is now. It's such a great color and fits perfectly with the retro vibe of our house. The hubby Bear is pleased and I'm one happy wife.

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