Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sammy's Mexican Grill

I tried Sammy's Mexican Grill last night. It is directly on my way home from work which is good because you can only enter and exit the parking lot heading east. 

The inside looks great. Everything is bright and new, with giant Samsung plasmas covering most of the walls, save for some industrial looking chrome art.

The staff was very helpful and nice, they even let me order a single chili rellenos even though they only had a whole meal on their menu. The prices also seemed reasonable. I got the food carry out and brought it home as a meal for myself and my boyfriend. 

He really hated the food. Most of it had to do with the fact that they messed up and put tomatoes in his burrito even though I had asked for it without. He really hates tomatoes. The only other thing he ate were tamales (they were out of the pork, we got cheese and chicken) and they were certainly nothing to write home about. The cheese in the cheese one wasn't melted, and there was a severe lack of flavor.

I ate the quesadillas, and chili rellenos. The quesadilla was chicken, and really pretty plain. Not much heat, not much flavor as far as spices. 
There would have been nothing worth going back for had I not ordered that chili rellenos. It was probably one of the best I ever had. True, I haven't really had too many, but I was more than satisfied with the complexity of smokey, spicy, sweet, and cheesy flavors. It was their special that night, I should have gotten the whole meal anyways! Best thing they had. 
Oh I forgot to mention the fries! I heard they had fresh cut fries so I was excited to try them. However they were soggy and undercooked to the point of being inedible. I did put them in the oven at home and they crisped up into nice french fries, but really you shouldn't have to recook your food to make it good. 

All in all, the boyfriend said he wouldn't go back there. I will be going back for the chilis only, and maybe to try some other things. I like to keep an open mind even when the first impression isn't the best.