Monday, May 24, 2010

I Once Was Lost

Lost made me want to change my life. It made me miss and value my friends and family and people I have lost myself more than I can even put into words. It's the next morning, and here I am sitting at work with tears streaming down my face as I try to reflect on what I supposed was just a TV show, but really, a thing of beauty, a piece of art to be interpreted by every soul differently.

The entire series was an adventure and an epic journey, and the finale did not disappointed in terms of wrapping up the story of saving the island. Sure there were unanswered questions, but there was a mythology to the island that only a little bit of mystery can keep alive. We learned this from watching a show for 6 years where not knowing was often times more fun than knowing.

In fact, knowing is painful. It can be hard to "remember" and to "let go." Hell, it's hard to remember and let go of your favorite show. The finale was a realization of the feeling of being one you experience as part of humanity, of being interconnected with everyone. I saw it, I felt it, and I am indeed having trouble letting go. Being freed is a beautiful experience, but inherently someone gets left behind. We are all Ben, still left with things to deal with, watching our friends move on to pure light and love. What could be more beautifully heartbreaking?

The end was a chorus of Amazing Grace. Once Lost, we're now found, and for some people, that may not mean much. To me, it meant everything.