Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Primal Week and Beyond

One week down. As of Tuesday my week experiment in primal living is complete. I've read lot, cooked and ate a lot, and lost a lot of weight without much effort. Ahh, it is that last part there that probably has me stuck on the primal living kick my friends. I mean there are not many among us not looking for that magic potion that makes the pounds fly off. I think going primal is probably closest thing to that potion that I have seen work on myself (Okay besides trying fen-phen back in the day, but permanent heart damage probably isn't a good trade off for weight loss).

I spent much of this week compiling information on what exactly the parameters of primal living were, then I stumbled upon a really good explanation and starting point at Mark Sisson's Daily Apple, one of the best sites all round for information on primal diet and fitness. 

Mike and I were doing great all week, especially Mike. He has been cooking and getting creative like nobodies business (cept mine!) and says he has more energy than he has had in years. He is really a true convert, he hasn't had an eating plan click with his physiology the way this one has ever before. I feel like it's been a little harder for me though, honestly my mind keep trying to think of excuses of why I need carbs, and my monthly chocolate cravings were leading me to the edge of insanity for a few nights there. 

Here is some pretty pictures of bunless burgers Mike made us, just to break up the Nina-rambles.

Saturday was our "cheat day" due to the fact that we were taking Mike's younger brother, and his girl friend, out to Chinese. We ate noodles, a little rice, and what I'm sure is a large about of sugar in the sauces. We both felt heavy and tired that night, and I've convinced myself that this cheat is also the reason I soon after got so deathly ill. I am usually the one person left standing while some awful cold or flu mows down my compatriots, this time though I was a casualty; it was bad. 

I was down for two whole days, only seeing the sun when Mike was nice enough to prop me on the couch and open the curtains so I could watch the sunset and the rainbows from my prism dance across the walls. The rest of my time since Monday night has been spent in bed, sleeping, coughing, or whining. Today though, I am back at work, still far from 100% but sometimes you just can't stay in bed any longer.

Since my week ended on such a sickly note, it's hard for me to take stock of how I am truly feeling. I do know that I seemed to have lost my low blood sugar crankiness from not eating. I just get sort of a general feeling of hunger in my stomach without the swimmy headed nauseous feeling that used to come with skipping meals or waiting too long to eat. This is good, now if the carb and chocolate cravings would go away, and the lingering sense that I am being deprived of the foodie world I love so dearly, I would be golden. Fucking golden. 

Bottom line? We're sticking with it.


diana said...

The longer you can do it, the easier it will be to stick with it. A week into my no-soy diet I gave in and binged on soy goodness.... only to feel really sick the rest of the night. So just try to remember when you are thinking of whatever the "bad" foods you are craving, how bad it makes you feel (tired, stomach upset, whatever). After a while I think it just becomes really unappealing when you see it in that light. And try to look at a new diet as something that is making you feel great, not depriving. Eating the bad stuff is depriving you because it makes you feel bad!! Also, sugar = bad!!! I've been monitoring all my nutrient intake (to make sure I get the things I need) and the sugar is always high even thought I don't put sugar into anything, but I get a lot of it from fruits and stuff... try to keep that stuff to a minimum is probably best too.

NiNa* said...

Yeah you are totally right. I have been sick so all I have wanted is fruit but that natural sugar does add up fast. I am trying to keep it under a certain amount.

Evan said...

Yarr, if it be chocolate ye be cravin', set course to Son of Grok for some primal fudge balls. Worth their weight in gold, yarrr.

I didn't want to overemphasize the weight loss (did I even mention it?) but I was silently hoping that you would notice some. Feeling good and having tons of energy is great, but it's usually the visible weight loss that seals the deal. I'm very very proud of you and happy for you! Keep on keepin' on.

NiNa* said...

Thanks Evan that is so sweet! :)

Yeah, the weight loss is almost crazy, my clothes are already big on me!

Don't you fret, those delicious looking dino-droppings have been on my radar, and they are definitely my next primal recipe I try! Mmmmm... poo named treats...

Peggy said...

That's awesome!! More energy and less sickness, sweet!! Can I get one of those personal-Mike-chefs?

NiNa* said...

I dunno Peggy, they don't come cheap but if you come to Chicago I could probably make it happen. ;)

brae said...

i totally agree with Diana. But Yes! Keep with it! next thing you know, it's all habbit, and you will be so custome to it, and you;re body is gonna love you! Being Healthy has no downfalls! Keep up the good work!! and send me some of those fine dishes! they look gooood!