Thursday, April 2, 2009

There Was Life on Mars

"Life on Mars" is gone. Yes, the American version. According to it's Neilson ratings you probably didn't watch it, but it was a witty, well written, moving and deep show that I will miss. Last night's finale was a Freudian tempest. A whirl wind of daddy issues, unresolved love, fear, and hope for a better future. 

I can't really get into the specifics without giving too much away, but they resolved the plot in a interesting, boundary pushing way, and gave the characters I've grown so attached to the send off they deserved. Ray, Michael Imperioli of Sopranos fame, gave a particularly poignant monologue on why he believes their is no God. In one crashing, half drunken wave they gave us everything we've wanted to know about his background, and what shaped his life philosophy.

My only critique would be that things seemed a little rushed. They gave us lots of information and action for a one hour time chunk. I would have loved to have seen what they could have done with twice the time. Of course, I would have loved to have seen what they could have done with a few more seasons, but that just wasn't in the cards for Sam Tyler and his buddies this time around.

Here's to hoping all the fantastic actors on this show, Harvey Keitel, Gretchen Mol, Jason O'Mara and more,  find life somewhere new, Mars or otherwise.

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diana said...

I actually read about this show and wanted to watch it when it started, but I already have too many tv shows to keep up with.