Friday, June 26, 2009

Wow: I Really Like Colons In Titles.. and Summer!

The title says it all.

It's a day of Fri and that is really all it takes to make it a good day. Summer has finally arrived with a week-long, upper 90's heat spell in Chicagoland. I have been taking refuge in sunglasses and swimming pools, and sipping on icy cold beverages. (Doesn't that make my life seem enviable even though I am currently sitting in a cubical waiting for the last 40 minutes of the work week to pass?)

Being out and about more, I haven't been as strict in keeping up with my Primal eating habits. When I go swimming until 8 o'clock at night I usually don't feel much like going home and cooking, but I have been trying to keep in mind all the primal learnings I have amassed. I don't eat any carbs or sugar during the day at all, but does that make any difference when you end up eating chicken nachos for dinner that night? I don't really know the answer to that, but I do know that I enjoy having freedom in all my choices, and until the world is 100% Primal, I find it hard to be so myself. I think that's ok though because I still eat healthy and am exercising much more. I do still shop primal, and the house is free of all junk food aside from our weekend beer or wine splurge. So I've got that going for me. (I'm not going to lie and say I didn't love every second of my red velvet homemade ice cream from last week though. Frozen Memories, best ever!)

In other news, next week I am DJing for my Dads wedding! I have been very excited to get a little road trip in with my Honey and attend an actual event. I love events! I think said Honey though, might be slightly annoyed with the amount for prep time I insist on putting into not only the music, but my outfit, and the trip planning, but I just want everything to awesome and light and fun; no-worries-mate style, Nina style. Ok I may have a slight compulsive need to shove as much fun into the fleetingly short months of Summer as possible, but I find that need pretty valid. It is Summer after all, and as Cyndi Lauper so succinctly put it:

Such wise words.


Tamarinara said...

taking time to prep outfits make you happier and comfortable through out the whole event.. a.k.a honey can be happier too....

NiNa* said...

So true! ...and now that all my outfit plans fell through horribly he is the one being awesome and working hard at finding me something.