Monday, May 11, 2009

Clutch Envy

Never let any one tell you that I don't have varied tastes. Here we see the Nina moving from speaking of Spinal Tap to speaking of the most magical clutch style purse ever, that I didn't buy. I took pictures though so I can always remember how pretty it is, and that I didn't really actually need it, I just wanted it, and that things generally need to fill a function for me to spend forty dollars on them. Aesthetically pleasing is excellent and usually a criteria for anything I buy, but this purse didn't have the practicality to make it home with me. That doesn't mean I can't gush over it's beautiousity though!

I love pocket watches, and this purse looks like it has one of it's very own!

But it's actually a little mini change purse!

So amazingly cute! If it had really been a tiny pocket watch in there I would have had to buy it. Even though I guess cell phones sort of made the need for all watches obsolete, let alone pocket watches.... I know! It should have had it's own monocle. Now that's practical.


NiNa* said...

Ok I kind of wish I bought it now.

Tamarinara said...

you should have bought it. it looks to me that it might even go with the shoes you wore on mothers day. and $40 is totally reasonable for a purse that looks like it has a pocket watch.