Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I just feel so emotionally connected to the season and the weather lately. The sun and the birds and the green bushy flowering things are just making me all giddy on the inside whilst frolicking on the outside. The words "Tra-La-La" spring easily to mind this time of year I am afraid.

Spring is a rebirth, it feels like not just an opportunity, but almost a command to rejuvenate everything about ourselves. The animals and plants are goading us into it with all their chirping and blooming and sparkling in the dewy morning sunlight that they do so well. 

I am heeding the call of nature by trying to be healthy and good to my body, and trying to really soak in and appreciate everything around me, because I know it's fleeting. Hence, the picture posted above! I feel like if I turn around, I will miss everything.

I am really trying to hold on to this connectedness to the world around me. No matter how wired I am to the rest of the world, I am trying not to forget that there's probably unmatched beauty right outside my door. Oh and also that sometimes cliches are cliches because they're true.

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