Monday, May 18, 2009

Just the Funny Bits: Will Ferrel on SNL

Will Ferrel was the perfect host to end a season of SNL that made me far less angry than many recent seasons. Last week's Justin Timberlake appearance was hard to top, but with a slew of guess stars, Ferrel episode gave old Sexxyback a a run for his money. 

My favorite sketch had to be the revival of celebrity Jeopardy. I was just happy to see Norm McDonald working again, even if it was only a cameo.

Kristen Wiig's freaky character with doll hands, and a creature-like face made a come back this week. The first time around I didn't really like this sketch, and it's really only Will Ferrel's reactions that make this one work, but you might get a laugh out of it.

Other highlights were an enormous musical number about Vietnam that NBC hasn't posted online, and Amy Poehler's return to the news desk! I miss that lady. I watch her on Parks and Recreation but it's not quite the same. That show definitely showcases her cuteness well, but it also zaps some of the pop of her personality. 

Well that was SNL for the season. Next year maybe we will have some more new cast members to look forward to? I'll keep you posted.


Tamarinara said...

snl dove deep into shit for a long time and finally i feel better about it. sat night episode made me laugh till i almost peed. it was the funniest one allllll year! "knock knock.... whos there? its your son. its your son who. its your son who.. and im sorry line? its your son who loves you.

NiNa* said...

Hahaha yeah classic Ferrel!

Tamarinara said...

STOP take it off its sooo fucking funny. i just keep watching celebrity jeopardy over and over! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA