Thursday, March 5, 2009

I Want More Moore

I just finished reading an interview with Alan Moore, creator of Watchmen, V for Vendetta, Lost Girls, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and more, over at Salon. I have spent time reading some of his graphic novels and had an idea that he must be an incredible smart man, but hadn't heard his story, or from him personally, until today. 

Moore was kicked out of school at a young age for dealing LSD and turned to educating himself through books and counterculture. Much like the way I gently nudged myself out of my second chance at college through internet addiction and then educated myself through that very same internet. We're kindred spirits!

Also I love the way he looks at fiction as just another part of our history to pull ideas from. He doesn't seem to distinguish between the outside realm of boring old reality and in the inside realm of imagination. I love this outlook on life. "The truth is a reflection of the fiction that we see." 

"If you look at that incredible burst of fantastic characters that emerged in the late 19th century/early 20th century, you can see so many of the fears and hopes of those times embedded in those characters. Even in throwaway bits of contemporary culture you can often find some penetrating insights into the real world around us." 

That right there should be my blogging manifesto. Even in the tiny seemingly insignificant aspects of culture that I find time to expound on, there is mystery and beauty and truth to be found. 


m. walker said...

Yeah, that dude is walking the thin line of genius/insanity like a Phillipe Petit verbal tightrope with sndtrk. by Richard D. James. "From Hell" really fucked my head up in particular. Isn't he a Polygamist too?

Alex said...

A bisexual and a magician...i think he prefers the term a liberated-lover. You-tube has a glorious collection of his interviews. Sadly, he's very reclusive and I imagine he would hate this movie too...because it's not Magickal enough ;) I say fie! It was wonderful, but I look forward to more of Moore's Majick in print and on the screen. And fucked your head? More like the magick touched you in new and exciting places...LOL

NiNa* said...

Yeah why is it that the people on the crazy/genius line are way more interesting than the plain old boring geniuses.

Even though he clearly wouldn't approve of it, I can't wait to see Watchmen.

Ann said...

I love his stuff, for me it started with the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen,( not the movie) after I read that I have been a fan since and have gone back to his earlier stuff.
I agree with Nina here though, I think going to see Watchmen would be like deficating on the comic to him.

Tamarinara said...