Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Is Art Ageless?

I was reading about two year old artist, and all around cutie, Aelita this morning. An Australian gallery owner was given her work and decided it showed talent and deserved it's own exhibition, all before he was told she was two years old. Is this the marketing of two artist's child, or is she really expressing herself in a way that can be called legitimate art? 

Then I started reading about London's 10 year old graffiti artist, Sol. Her stuff is fun and cute, and there is no denying she is a real artist, in that she actually has the intent of creating art. Can the same be said for a two year old? How knows. Here's Sol hanging around next to an amazing and funny piece of street art she painted.

Of course what would art be without comparisons and influences? Maybe people are saying world renown anonymous street artist Banksy was the jumping off point for little 10 year old Sol's art. I can see the connection. I love me some Banksy and so I am including some of my favorite things he has done for my own benefit. Mwahah.

(This one is for Tamara)
 Here is a link to all the original art in it's full glory.


Tamarinara said...

hah! i love that! thats going to be me when im old!

Tamarinara said...

how i feel about art:
unless you are Michelangelo or Donatello or you have one of the ninja turtles names get the fuck outta here with your blue squares and your splatter paint!