Friday, March 6, 2009

The New Me!

As you may have noticed, by so deftly navigating your way to my site, it friggin rocks! Welcome to the new Nina on Everything!

I have to admit it's pretty easy to look this good when you have an amazingly talented graphic designer on your side. All props go to Ann Kwilinski, her skills are unmatched! Go ahead, challenge her to a graphic design duel! She will kick you ass, no joke. She just happens to have a blog called Ink & Sentiments that you should already be perusing. (Seriously, what's taking you so long?) In the words of my dear friend Tamara, who got me the hook up on Ann's skills "I suggest you check out her blog or get at her and pay her money to make your shit look good." Word.


Ann said...

Best shout out ever. thanks!!!

NiNa* said...

Ann I got an email from my mom about the site, all it said was:


That is the shit.

Love, Mom
(You are a hit!)

Heather said...

Wow, super awesome new design!!! So fitting to you!

Tamarinara said...

your new site is so awesome you are making me jealous. ann is so good!

Ann said...

Yay! even moms like it! Hah.