Friday, March 20, 2009

Top 5 Things About Spring

Happy first day of Spring everybody! We've had a few warm days here as a great preview of what we have to look forward to in the next few months. I honestly didn't think I was going to make it through this Winter at some points, and I don't want to speak too soon about the worst being over for fear of incurring the wrath of Old Man Winter!

In the spirit of Spring though, with it's easy to love charms, I thought what is more agreeable than a list of good things. Spring is full of them!

Gardens: Every day on the way to work I pass a farm stand. They are closed all winter long, but this morning the marquee sign outside the small barn-like building stated proudly, "'Seeds are growing!" I felt a tingle of anticipation for fresh asparagus, strawberries, and lettuce, the first crops of the season I will be stopping on my way home from work to pick up. That is about the closest I can get to homegrown. I can't really grow a garden where I live, I have no outside area, and the only large windows I have faces west, making it hard for even house plants to thrive. Let me tell you though that I am mega-jealous of anyone that has a plot of land large enough to grow a bit of anything, so if you do have one, follow the lead of the White House, get organic, and grow grow grow!

Thunderstorms: So what is it that makes those gardens grow? You guessed it, a healthy dose of water from mother nature in the form of rain, and lots of it. I have always loved a good thunderstorm, but I understand if this doesn't make your own personal list. My poor doggie used to shiver like it was 20 below every time there was a big storm. She would hide under a bed or the chair your were sitting in, not peeking her little panting head out until the last crash and flash has passed. I know friends who would love to do the same thing. Me though? Can't get enough personally. During a thunderstorm, I can feel that electric charge in the air through my whole body, and the sounds are some of my favorite naturally occurring music. (I guess it's mostly percussion though huh?)

Cute Clothes: I know at least in my house it is time to me to go through everything, clean out those closets and get rid of anything that is ill fitting or that I just plain don't wear. Then I can buy more stuff! Right? That's how it works? I just know I am ready for some open shoes, sunglasses, flirty dresses, and no more bulky coats! Mostly I just can't wait to see color everywhere and on everyone. Not to advertise, cause I probably won't pick one up myself, but for ladies out there looking for something on the cheap, Old Navy has a Spring "it" dress right now for only 15 bucks. Paired with a jacket and some cute shoes, you could certainly put together an infinitely comfortable outfit, that will look like it had a much higher price point. 

Music: I am of the school of though that music sounds better with the windows rolled down. There's really not many bigger joys for me than driving down an open road, tunes cranking, windows down, and word turning. I can get lost in that moment and feel like I am truly free, traveling where ever the mood might take me, not weighed down by past or future. Spring is when the magic starts. There are usually some great new releases in Spring also. This season I am looking forward to new albums from the likes of Peter Bjorn & John, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Bat for Lashes, and Peaches. And for the less petrolly inclined, these will also sound great on head phones, on a long long walk.

No More Winter: Damn straight that is the best thing about Spring! No more will I be found chipping and scraping at my windshield in the early mornings, trudging through 2 foot snow drifts, or slipping like a cartoon cliche on a patch of ice. No, instead I will be enjoying budding flowers, possible baby animals, and crazy old fashioned animation. Oh that last one didn't quite fit in did it? Maybe it's because I wanted to include the video at the end of this post as it's own separate great thing about spring. I have watched this MGM Merry Melodies short since late in childhood, and I admit my brother and I are somewhat obsessed with it. It tackles the hard science behind Spring. You know, how the tiny gnome guys who live under ground have to pump color up through little tubes in the earth to make the things outside grow, all while battling an angry and vengeful, and unintelligible, old man winter? Didn't they teach you this stuff in school?

Happy Spring Everyone! Remember to party like a pagan this Equinox!

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diana said...

Amen to no more winter! I'm tired of putting together cute outfits only to have to cover them up with a winter coat! And then still be cold anyway. And I was excited as I drove to work I saw that the local farm produce stand is open starting today :)