Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Just The Funny Bits

Besides last night's interview, which was kinda dry, the Daily Show was extremely hilarious on Tuesday! It was hard to pick out just the funny bits in a episode which also featured Senior Women's Issues Commentator Kristen Schaal, from Flight of the Conchores fame stating, "In California, you're an unfit parent if you're gay, but not if you're straight, unemployed, live with your parents and have an Angelina Jolie fetish."

In the end though, I just decided to pick out the very funniest of all bits, the latest in the continuing saga of Cramer vs. Non-Cramer. CNBC's Jim Cramer has been getting his ass handed to him all week, and should really just keep his mouth shut at this point; he's not going to beat Jon Stewart. Can't be done. Jonny Stew is just going to lay a smack down of sweet sweet logic based humor. Of course Jon may humiliate himself in the process, but again you will loose because everyone knows that just makes him more lovable.

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MJ said...

Very good episode, the Cramer stuff is hillarious. I hope he nails him again on tonight's show. Love the new blog!