Friday, March 13, 2009

Orla Kiely at Target

I was aimlessly walking around Target the other day, and I stumbled across this cool collection by Orla Kiely, who is know for her bold and fun retro patterns. Surprisingly her designs here are not much different than her more upscale line, although a lot of it is plastic, which I will be avoiding due to the fact that I can never keep up with what kinds of plastics cause chemical reactions when mixed with certain beverages to create poisons. 

I have to say that now that I have my amazingly beautiful blog, I am gravitating towards my retro-y fun style a lot more. We are sort of in the middle of some minor kitchen changes at home, so I didn't pick up any of these cool items... yet. Of course I am much more likely to wait till they go on sale or clearance to snatch up some mugs (am I a total cheapo for not wanting to spend six bucks on a mug?) and maybe one of those orange pear canisters for flour.


Tamarinara said...

i saw that at target! the mugs look weird but they are pretty cool to hold! im into it!

NiNa* said...

Yeah that was what I enjoyed about them too! The funky little finger ring was cool. I wonder if they are big enough for man fingers though.