Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Paleolithic Update: Tuesday Lunch

If you have read my earlier post, you know that this is my week of eating like a cave woman. Although I can tell you the cave peeps probably never had it this good. For lunch today, I had this beauty waiting for me when I walked in the door. Thanks to Mikie, the man with the eggtastic plan. It consists of almost hard boiled eggs, some lettuce, grape tomatoes, black olives, and dill. I also had a bed of greens on the side (not pictured) with a little olive oil and fresh squeezed lemon on top. 

I can say that after eating I felt satisfied but not overly full. Now it is about a half hour later and I am feeling still satisfied; no craving at the moment. I will keep you up to date on the whole primal Nina week long experiment as things transpire.


Evan said...

That is so creative and wonderful, and it looks delicious! I'm happy to see how well the two of you have taken to the Paleo movement so far, and happy to hear that you're feeling good.

Glad also that you can stop at a handful of nuts. I struggled with snacking in the beginning and often went through 100 grams of almonds or more in a day. That was too much of a good thing.

NiNa* said...

Yeah I think Mike said he was eating what he though was too many almonds already, they are tasty! If I just kept eating them out of the bad i would be in trouble, I have to take a little and then I'll just eat those and move on.

Thanks for the inspiration by the way Evan! :)

Anonymous said...
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